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Jonathan Barclay was born in Richmond, Virginia, and has spent most of his life living in Kansas City, Missouri.  He spent his early twenties working with urban based ministries in KC and spent a year as an ESL teacher in Osaka, Japan.  Upon returning to the States, Jonathan attended college at the University of Missouri – Kansas City, graduating with a Bachelor’s in Political Science in May of 2017.  Following graduation, he moved to Albuquerque to be with his then fiancée, now wife.  After years spent working alongside disenfranchised and diverse populations and studying sociopolitical issues, the importance of education became increasingly clear. Jonathan discovered a rich passion for teaching.  Now in New Mexico, he is honored to teach math with Gordon Bernell Charter School and partner with the mission and impactful work being done on their many campuses.  In his free time, he enjoys writing, film and exploring the Land of Enchantment.