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Gordon Bernell Charter School in the news

3.27.22. The Path Forward for a Classroom Focused on Art as Social Justice: Imagine an arts nonprofit where young people - ages 12 to 21 - participate in workshops taught by contemporary artists. Now throw in sliding scale tuition and team the organization up with teaching artists and collaborators... More in Hyperallergic
3.19.22. School leader inspired by persistence, "drive to change": Beth Dorado says she's a "living example" of why her work is so important. The executive director of the Gordon Bernell Charter School complex is...More on Albuquerque Journal
12.19.21. ABQ Charter school helps with transition after prison: While many inmates in state prisons are required to participate in educational programs, the notion of continuing their education often becomes a distant thought after they are released... More on Albuquerque Journal
4.11.19: Individual support crucial for trade students charter schoolThere are as many pathways to a job or career in New Mexico as there are people. Some face more obstacles, though, and if regular high school doesn’t work out, the path can be especially steep. That’s where alternative schools and adult education programs can help. KUNM has this look at one charter high school inside a trade school. .. . . . More at KUNM
3.28.19: Hands-on therapy helps students after traumaWhether it’s losing a family member, getting bullied, or witnessing violence, traumatic stress early in life can affect a person’s emotional health well into adulthood. KUNM visited a mental health worker at an alternative high school in Albuquerque to find out how some young adults are working to recover. .. . . . More at KUNM
3.5.19: House passes sweeping education bill with funding boosting for adult learners. State lawmakers, facing an outcry over legislation defining “school-aged” students as those under the age of 22, voted Tuesday to provide a year of funding for programs that help adults get a high school education .. . . . More at the New Mexico Political Report
2.27.19: SB1, HB5 will kill vital charter schools. Major changes are coming to education in New Mexico. With a record high budget available, increased spending is not the only paradigm shift apparent as legislators consider sweeping changes across the board.. . . . More at the Albuquerque Journal
2.21.19: Future charter schools in New Mexico in jeopardy. It's something that could impact your child - a bill in the Roundhouse that would stop new charter schools from opening for a few years . . . More at KOAT
10.23.2018: Voices Behind The Vote: Flipping The Script: Lots of people don’t vote because they don’t see candidates they identify with or they don’t think their vote counts for much. KUNM spoke with a student who's got a lot on his mind, including felony charges and an upcoming trial date. Even so, he says he’s getting informed and getting to the polls for the first time this election . . . More at KUNM
10.22.2018: K-12 change for change's sake a bad plan: Change. I have often said in my work “the only constant is change,” referring to the need for us all to accept life’s unpredictable challenges. Some changes are unavoidable, out of our control and the result of a chain reaction much bigger than ourselves. Other changes are the results of conscious decisions, put into motion by the very choices we make . . . More in the Albuquerque Journal
11.19.15: New Mexico in Focus: American Graduate Series: New Mexico in Focus producer Matt Grubs goes inside a unique charter school, which is helping inmates earn their diplomas both behind bars and once they get out ... Click here for more
8.6.14. Alternative schools graded improperly: Each summer educators across the state anxiously await the release of school report card grades. Most leaders of traditional schools are relieved that their grades have improved or maintained . . . More from the Albuquerque Journal
5.20.2014. Their hearts into art: Where Juli Cobb teaches, the school uniform is orange, the attendance rate is almost perfect, and the atmosphere can be stressful: “There are doors that clang and dogs that come in and sniff things,” she says . . . More in the Weekly Alibi
11.15.2013: Diplomas Behind Bars: In Albuquerque, New Mexico, a school is offering high school diplomas–not GEDs–to county jail inmates. Freelance reporter Megan Kamerick reports. . . More on Latino USA
3.25.12. New Mexico in Focus: American Graduate Series: New Mexico in Focus producer Matt Grubs goes inside a unique charter school, which is helping inmates earn their diplomas both behind bars and once they get out . . . See KNME's YouTube video