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Jane Williams

Jane received her Masters’ in Social Work from the University of Maryland.  She has practiced social work for 25 years and holds licenses as an LCSW in New Mexico and Colorado. Jane’s early work focused on the treatment of latency age youth and providing parenting skills to the parents of these youth.  Her interest in trauma was peeked at this time and she became very interested in how early trauma leads to Reactive Attachment Disorder and the best strategies for treating trauma.  The majority of her work has been with adolescents in schools, residential and in-home services.  Jane has been trained in Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Nurtured Heart Approach, Sensorimotor Psychotherapy,  Sandplay Therapy and EMDR.  She believes in the equality of all humans and her approach is one of kindness, compassion, respect and equality.  With these values in mind, she works to support students in learning new strategies and methods to recognize and eliminate behaviors that are self-defeating and ineffective.