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Juli Cobb

Juli started teaching with GBCS in the 2011-2012 school year at the MDC campus. Working with both men and women, she taught art and creative writing, co-directing an afterschool poetry and art workshop in the women's section with Jessamyn Young. She was also part of the Special Education team and worked in the math and social studies classes.

Her education background includes a BFA in Fine Arts Studio summa cum laude, and MA in Special Education Twice Exceptionality Program. Her teaching experiences include post-secondary graphic design and illustration; community-based youth murals and public art programming; leadership/mentorship after school director of  a 21st Century Community Learning Center; and years working with youth and young adults in developing their creative voices.

Moving to the Roma campus at the beginning of the 2014-15 year, Juli is now the art, design and entrepreneur teacher. She works with the Language Arts department and is a proud member of the newly formed 'Dream Team' Special Education under Lisa Gabaldon.

Dreaming big for GBCS, she and her Entrepreneur class have designed a social entrepreneur creative cooperative that is based on a premise of good business being driven by service and giving back to the community that supports our growth. We invite everyone curious to ask what's next.