Current Month Agenda

The next two Governance Council meetings are scheduled for:
  • April 22 GC Meeting Budget Approval
  • May 13 GC Meeting

Tentative Agenda

Please email for Zoom Meeting information.


      I     Call to Order

II         Approval of Agenda*

III        Approval of Minutes* – March 18, 2021 (Zoom Meeting)

IV        Action Items*

  1. Approval of Accounts Payable and Payroll Vouchers
  2. Approval of Budget Adjustment Requests
  3. Approval of Updated GBCS Student Discipline Policies, Procedures & Handbook
  4. Approval of Updated GBCS Nepotism Policy
  5. Approval of Updated GBCS Background Check Policy & Procedures
  6. Approval of GBCS 2021-2023 Technology Plan
  7. Approval of FY2022 Budget
  8. Approval of FY2022 Salary Schedules
  9. Approval of Executive Director’s Final Evaluation
  10. Approval of Accepting Executive Director’s Resignation – positive transition
  11. Approval of Executive Director Contract for Beth Dorado



V         Reports

  1. a)  Business Manager Report
  2. b) Director’s Report
  3. c) Board President Report


VI        Discussion


VII      Future Business


  1. GBCS Governance Council Meeting – May 20, 2021