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Kimberlee Pena-Hanson

Kimberlee K. Pena-Hanson, formerly the Executive Director of Gordon-Bernell Charter School, comes to the GBCS Board with a unique and diverse set of experiences. Kimberlee started her career in education with a bachelor’s degree in English and History from the University of New Mexico, a secondary bachelor’s degree in Education from The College of Santa Fe, and a master’s degree in Curriculum and Design, with a focus on Humanities project based learning. After teaching for ten years at Rio Rancho High School, Ms. Pena-Hanson was hired to design an educational program for Gordon-Bernell Charter School, a school dedicated to the re-engagement of students whose education process was disrupted. During that time, she earned a certificate in educational leadership from Highlands University and continues to serve in multiple leadership capacities. She brings to the GBCS board, expertise in curriculum and design, understanding of innovative and relevant teaching practices, school finance, in-depth knowledge of APS Charter School renewal policies and regulations, and legislative initiatives impacting unique charter programming and an unwavering commitment to equity through access.


Her educational philosophy--scaffold for equity; differentiate for self-expression - - is founded on the principles of equity of access, thoughtful relationship building, inquiry -based learning, joy and humor, and mastery-based curriculum rooted in ambitious standards that are relevant. Students embrace meaningful learning when they personally connect to the material, are honored for their unique perspectives, and encouraged to reflect on their own metacognitive processes, “How best do I learn, and what does my success look like? How do I want to prosper and thrive? How will I actively engage in developing my interpersonal, educational, and professional skills, while maintaining my identity and voice, to reach my highest potential?