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Title One Family Unity Nights

Gordon Bernell Charter School and APS Title I Department are honored to host Family Unity Nights
This school year, Gordon Bernell Charter School is offering families a chance to join virtual live origami workshops.  Origami, the ancient art of paper folding, has applications in the modern-day home based classroom for teaching geometry, thinking skills, fractions, problem solving, and fun science.
APS Title I schools interested in scheduling an event should contact Tina Martinez at tina.martinez@aps.edu or by calling (505) 253-0330 ext. 67018.
Inez Elementary School FUN Night, 1.13.21
Click here to view recording
(Use passcode: ZAN68!3K)
Dorn Charter School FUN Night, 12.16.20
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(Use passcode: q!myf!9U)
Governor Bent Elementary School FUN Night, 12.1.20
(Use passcode: 0Eky2$*e)
Live Origami Workshop, Armijo Elementary School 11.18.20
(Use passcode: s#Ai5@#s)